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Places of Interest :
1. Red Fort
Red fortRed Fort is the most popular monument stands as an influential memento of the Mughal emperors who ruled. Spread over two Kms, the fort was built in 1638 to ban enemies. To take your thoughts back to the earliest epoch, a one hour sound and light show is organized each evening here.

« Site : Beside Chandani Chowk, Old Delhi.
« Entrance Rate : 250 rupees. No cost for children less than 15 years.
« Visiting Hours : Sunrise until sunset. Closed Mondays.
« Show : In English at 7.30 p.m from November to January, 8.30 p.m. from January to April and September to October, and 9 p.m. from May to August.
2. Jama Masjid
jama masjidJama Masjid is next must see huge attraction of Delhi and can occupied with 25,000 devotees at a time. The mosque was established in 1650 and took more than 12 years to build. A backbreaking walk to the top will gift you with an eye-catching sight crosswise the rooftops of Delhi. Be sure about your dressing style and wear appropriate cloths means covering your head, legs and shoulders.

« Site : Near the Red Fort, in Old Delhi.
« Entrance Rate : No Cost is applicable except Camera fee.
« Visiting Hours : Seven Day in a week. Visit just before sunset.
3. Chandani Chowk
chandani chowkChandani Chowk is an oldest street of Delhi and has surprising contrast to make you feel good. Cars, cycle rickshaws, hand-pulled carts, pedestrians, and animals all compete for space. It's messy and Jam-packed but totally alluring. Being the oldest and busiest markets in India, its narrow winding streets are full of inexpensive jewelry, fabrics and electronics. It is an excellent place to taste some Delhi’s street food.

« Site : It is located in Old Delhi, close to the Red Fort.
4. Humayun's Tomb
humayuns tombDuring your visit to Humayun's Tomb definitely you will think that it looks a bit like the Taj Mahal in Agra as it is inspired by Taj creation. The tomb was created in 1570 and a burial place of second Mughal emperor, “Humayun’s”. The tomb is set amongst huge colorful gardens.

« Site : Close to the Nizamuddin’s Railway station, New Delhi.
« Entrance Rate : 250 rupees or 5$. No cost for children below 15 years.
« Visiting Hours : Seven days in a week. Closes in Evening.
5. Lodi Garden
lodi garden delhiLodi Garden offers you serene atmosphere to relax away from the city life. A huge garden was built by the British in 1936 around the tombs of 15th and 16th century rulers. Young couples, Joggers, yoga practitioners, and others enjoy this park.

« Site : Situated in Lodi Road.
« Entrance Rate : No cost.
« Visiting Hours : Seven days in a week (Sunday is mainly busy)
6. Qutub Minar
qutub minarQutub Minar is a tallest brick minaret in the country and a great example of early Indo-Islamic architecture. It was built in 1206 but the reason remains a mystery. Some says that it was created to ascertain victory while others believe that it was used to call the prayer. The tower has varieties of stories including varieties of other historic ruins on the site.

« Site : situated in Mehrauli, New Delhi.
« Entrance Rate : 250 rupees and $5. No cost for children below 15 years.
« Visiting Hours : Sunrise until sunset, daily.
7. Gandhi Smriti
rajghat delhiGandhi Smriti is a place where Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated on January 30, 1948. He lived here for 144 days and it has been kept exactly how he left it. The prayer ground where he used to participate in mass congregation daily in the evening is both open for people. Lots of his snapshots, messages, statues, and paintings are also available.

« Site : 5 Tees January Marg, central New Delhi.
« Entrance Rate : No Cost.
« Visiting Hours : Between 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. ( Tuesday to Sunday ).
8. India Gate
India GateThe mesmerizing building is a war memorial which was built in the remembrance of the Indian soldiers who lost their lives for the country in world war I. It is located in the middle of New Delhi. In the night it glows warmly under floodlights and the gardens that line its boulevard are a famous place to enjoy a warm summer’s evening.

« Site : Close to Connaught Place, New Delhi.
« Entrance Rate : No Cost.
« Visiting Hours : All days open.
9. Garden of Five Senses
garden of five senses The Garden of Five Senses is next prime spot to relax from the busy life of the city. Though, it is not an ordinary garden and designed to awaken all five senses. The sprawling and vibrant display of the landscape including ceramic bells, quirky sculptures, plants and flowers, waterfalls, rocks, murals and spiral walkways makes it heaven.

« Site : Said-ul-ajab village, M.B. Road, close to the Mehrauli in New Delhi.
« Entrance Rate : No Cost.
« Visiting Hours : All days from 6.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m.
10. Bahai (Lotus) Temple
lotus temple1Shaped like a lotus flower it is pretty attractive. Constructed with white marble, the temple is a symbol of the Bahai Faith which announces the accord of all people and beliefs. All are welcome to pray over here. The calm gardens and ponds bordering the temple are also a huge spot for picnic.

« Site : Close to Nehru Place in New Delhi.
« Entrance Rate : No Cost.
« Visiting Hours : All days from 9.00 a.m. till sunset.